Crans Media was set up with an aim of bringing highest level of creativity and authenticity to the media space

Excellent Service

At Crans Media, we offer creative solutions to your brand and business through our strategic and effective approach in both print and online-communication, we also strive to share all the things I've learned about Managing and organise events in media sector.

Welcome to Crans Media, your number one source for all creativity perspective. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of skillfulness, with a focus on media design, commercial printing, graphics design. marketing tools, Photography, video editing, B2B.

Founded in year 2020 by Stephen Krans, Crans Media has come a long way from its beginning in Africa as krans computer Training. In 2013 I started a computer training /computer engineering workshop. My goal behind this idea is to help the underprivileged  youth in Africa by giving them fundamental training how to use computers basically IBM machine.


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