Police might check for crowded houses on New Year's Eve

Published on 23 December 2020 at 06:25

According to police chief of Oost-Brabant, in this  new year, ten people in one’s living room is considered an offense this year.  to recede the covid 19, with this reason is enough for the police to check people’s homes on New Year’s Eve, says  Wilbert Paulissen, police chief of Oost-Brabant.  

According to him, “Officers have really not been ordered to verbally apprehend people who congratulate each other on the street on New Year’s Eve. We are also not going to try to take all fireworks away,”  the police will deploy their efforts mainly to combat nuisances. 

controlling the crowded houses it doesn't mean press our noses against every window. But ten people in a living room, is too much at this time. Then we will actually ring the doorbell,” he said. That, however, does not mean that the police can simply fine every household where there are too many people. Paulissen assumes that the fact that the police are standing at the door will be sufficient in most cases. Otherwise, officers can check whether the party is causing any nuisances. more news check NLtimes.nl 

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