Curfew may be extended for three more weeks, sources by NOS

Published on 21 February 2021 at 20:29

According to NOS, Curfew may be extended for three more weeks... 

Ministers and government health experts met at prime minister Mark Rutte’s official residence on Sunday 21st 2021 to discuss the next steps in the coronavirus strategy – as the number of positive tests rose for three days in a row.

NOS broadcaster said that the ministers are set to extend the curfew for a further three weeks, but hairdressers may be allowed to operate again and secondary schools will open on March 1 for limited teaching, On Sunday, the RIVM figures showed a further 4,720 positive tests, up 142 on Saturday’s total and well above the average of 3,935 over the past week. However, that may partly be explained by the fact testing centres were closed for several days because of the wintry weather. The increase may also be due to the spread of the more infectious variant of coronavirus first identified in Britain, but this remains unclear. Fewer people are being treated in hospital for coronavirus. On Sunday morning, there were 1,849 coronavirus patients in hospital, of whom 534 were in intensive care. please share 


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