Police might check for crowded houses on New Year's Eve

According to police chief of Oost-Brabant, in this  new year, ten people in one’s living room is considered an offense this year.  to recede the covid 19, with this reason is enough for the police to check people’s homes on New Year’s Eve, says  Wilbert Paulissen, police chief of Oost-Brabant.  

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Top International Universities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands gets its name from the fact that around a quarter of this small northwestern European nation lies below sea level. Beyond its traditional associations (think windmills, tulips and clogs), it is one of the most developed and wealthy nations in the world, with a largely urban population. One of the most densely populated countries in Europe, it’s known for its tolerant and liberal ethos, and boasts a wealth of great student cities – none of which are more than a bicycle ride (the nation’s preferred mode of transport) away from some picturesque countryside.

The Netherlands is home to one of the world’s oldest and most highly respected systems of higher education, dating back to the 16th century. The QS World University Rankings® 2019 includes 13 universities in the Netherlands, all ranked within the world's top 350, and an impressive seven of these are within the global top 150. The nation’s highest-ranking institution is Delft University of Technology at 52nd in the world, with the University of Amsterdam and Eindhoven University of Technology not too far behind, at 57th and 99th respectively.

Combine this high quality with relatively favourable tuition for  the national students. the tuition for  international student is unfavourable  but plenty of English language courses (the Dutch are generally known for their fluency in English as a second language) and you can begin to see why the Netherlands is one of continental Europe’s most popular choices for international study despite the exorbitant fee.

Other Dutch universities ranked among the world’s top 350 include: Erasmus University RotterdamWageningen UniversityMaastricht UniversityVU University AmsterdamRadboud University Nijmegen, the University of Twente and Tilburg University .   Please drop your reaction and your thought about best university in the world. 



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Corona virus among NHLStenden University student (Confirmed) Published by Stephen Krans

In my previous post I wrote about the most affected city in the Netherland concerning the pandemic (Covid 19). In the past few days, there have been a few cases of coronavirus confirmed amongst NHL Stenden students. According to executive board of NHLStenden University Erica Schaper, “We see an increase on a national level of the number of coronavirus cases and we regret that our students and staff are also being affected by the virus. We have to stay alert.”

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CoronaMelder app now available for download- Published by Stephen Krans

The Dutch government introduced  coronavirus notification app called  CoronaMelder. This App was massively downloaded on the first day of its release, despite warnings from the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) that the app does not guarantee users' privacy sufficiently.  According to the RTL reports, within a day, the app was downloaded over 100 thousand times from the Google Play Store. CoronaMelder App was one of the top three most popular apps in the Netherlands. The App launched on Android and iOS.

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